YOUR PURPOSE ON EARTH  Blurb:                  

In the gospel, according to John: Chapter 3, verse thirteen states:

And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from

Heaven, even the Son of Man which is in Heaven.

I spoke looking at Keith now: "I want you to keep in mind also:

In my Father's house there are many mansions (worlds).

Saunaka was silent as I continued.

"Now it was only recently, about a year or so ago, that I came to a clear

 understanding of what I am about to say.

Baba said: You must have done some good deeds to be here. There are many

waiting for a long time to come to Earth ...

You need the Earth and a strong body to wipe out your past sins ...

The reason for a strong body is to face the daily trials and temptations

you must encounter, the Avatar explained.


For those who seek to make the Earth their home, this work is a tragedy.

For those who seek God's Heaven, it attempts to provide an Avataric

explanation. Sharlow


Some quotes and pieces:

I spoke again:

Boom Boom is not Satan in disguise. Boom Boom is the physical presence

of the Devil. And I do not believe in the existence of the Devil, Diabolus,

or Satan, except that he resides in the hearts of the ignorant and the



Corroborated by Hillaby's words, Noise or Boom Boom Satan is a

lethal weapon in the hands of the covetous! (Over eighty percent

of the population!)


I couldn't help quoting a line from Baba: Silence is the endless flow of

pure God into you, into the world.


Solomon urged us to step within. But I stayed him with my hand, observing

for the millionth time, Satan's absolute victory over God. In the same breath,

all had become obscene, putrid. Nature had no meaning; nothing had any

meaning except Boom-Boom Satan commanding us to listen to Him. To

worship Him, as he usurped the capital Him used only for God.


When I understood that Jesus had the power to transmute sky into earth,

and earth into sky, all Jesus' miracles appeared natural for Him. Yes, in His

hour of crisis, He could easily have called on his Father to send Him a host

of angels.

(It is not faith but common-sense that is required to believe or understand the above).


I wish you a hundred years - Japanese curse



It is only in the depths of silence that you can hear the voice of God.


Silence is the endless flow of pure God into you, into the world.


Is not peace the greatest of gifts, the most precious of possessions?



Old age is accompanied by disease. Bhagavad-Gita.

A Japanese curse: 1wish you a hundred years.

Personally I would not offer that curse to anyone.

You cannot come unto Me except through pain and suffering,

said the Lord. Pain and suffering is what wipes out your sins. It

is your reason and your purpose to be here on earth.

Dear Lord, give me pain and suffering, but please do not return

me to Earth. Unknown tribe.


The power of the Avatar is the power of God. It cannot be

measured. Baba

From the Avatar, Sri Krishna: There never was a time that you did

not exist, nor all these Kings, nor will there ever be a time when you

shall cease to exist.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

An excerpt from my final speech:

“Jealousy might be dormant or asleep, until the time comes to awaken,” I continued. “Let me give you a brief example, or an explanation from a novel about Jonathan Seagull.

Baitawah’s uncle was leaning forward on his chair now. “This seagull, Jonathan was ambitious and thought that by practice he could one day fly. So he climbed the cliffs and began practicing.

“The clan, after noting some success, became envious of Jonathan, and sent him in exile! Jonathan had dared to be ambitious.

“It is the same as Jesus’ neighbours in the Galilee spoke about Him…

“In the neighbourhood, Envy keeps on expanding until it is consumed by naked evil.”

Keith dared to break the silence: “It is then you have two against three, as in the home. Or twenty against four in the village.”

“Yes!” I said. “Remember also that birds of a feather flock together.”

“But Jesus said to love one another,” said Keith.

“I don’t know of a single example where Jesus’ words have been successful or fulfilled,” I noted.

“God’s lila looking so simple,” Redman noted. “And yet man failing?”

“This failure extends to the entire nation and the world,” I added. “Some years ago, at Burke’s Bookstore in Canada, I came across the following words: Learn to live like neighbours or perish like fools.

Just then, Boom Boom Satan was heard from the main road. Keith spoke: “So when a neighbour makes noise because of spite and hate, you must pray for them?”

“Yes, but as Baba says, not for the evil they do. Pray for them with all your might and sincerity that the Lord forgives them, as much as you ask forgiveness for your own sins.”

“God’s lila really harsh,” said Keith again.

The evening was already announcing itself, and I would have the beer. Mark stepped across to his home to return with hot channa and allou and parata roti. I also needed to stretch my legs.

Baitawah’s uncle wanted to know if I would talk more. I nodded to him. The dark was falling when I began speaking again.

“In any village you will find babes and children of different ages, such as we just saw playing in the yard.

“Boom Boom Satan has the amazing power to alter the sweet sound of nature, and to play havoc on the child’s decibels or brain.

“Just a couple years ago, the great actress, Woopie Goldberg realized she could no longer hear. The actress had such a great love for hip-hop, that after eleven years of it, she ended deaf. Imagine what that would do to a child!”

I paused for a moment to light a cigarette. I also wanted this information stamped in the fellows’ minds.

“At the other end, you are sure to find the aged, suffering with pain from countless diseases. As Shakespeare pointed out: Sans teeth, sans hair,  sans eye… These labour the day and, as we note daily, are helpless against Boom Boom Satan.

“In the middle, the ambition of the youth is to have his own house and motor-car. Ambition that denies a single word on the real purpose of life.

“What if they were taught how to surrender unto God and all things shall be added unto them?”

“It possible what you saying?” Redman spoke.

“Those words are not mine,” I answered. “They belong to the Lord Jesus.”

I continued: “In God’s lila, Time fools all. Before you know it, your time is expired, or about to end. As Baba says: When the train stops, you must get out. Your journey (life on earth) has ended.

“It is funny to see how many behave as if life on earth is unending. They say when that time comes they will cross the bridge!”

“Death every day in every village,” Keith noted.

“The young and the old,” Redman added.

“Yes,” I nodded, adding: “In my own village, every household has witnessed death. Some more than others. Across the road, Andy here lost seven uncles and aunts in less than a decade!”

“What!” Keith exclaimed loudly.

“And people still playing the fool!” Redman added.

The time had come to end this dialogue. I repeated the Hindu adage: If you sit in one place all of life passes before your eyes.

“At least for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear,” I added.

Baitawah’s uncle was talking to him. “Shal, he say after you talk, he able to bear his stroke better. Watch how he laughing.”

(Baitawah’s uncle was yet another who passed away before the year ended).

I waved a hand to him. The time to leave had arrived. I told Baitawah that I would send for a dozen books on Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

The greatest event for me, and for millions across the planet, is the advent of the Avatar, Sathya Sai Baba. As I write, He is a child in His third and final incarnation as Prema Sai Baba.

He is proof that the Lord God has not turned His back on the planet.